More Short Film Reviews

August 9, 2009

So this weekend I had another journey to Blockbuster and saw another four films.  Since I haven’t got anything else to post this week here’s a couple of super-short and scrappy film reviews.

Step Brothers

Will Ferrell and John C Reilly reprise their Talledega Nights double act as two middle-aged men that haven’t grown up suddenly forced to live together.  There’s some great jokes in here but for me the movie is stolen by Richard Jenkins playing their increasingly weary dad and Adam Scott playing their Tom Cruise-alike over-achieving brother.  It’s pretty funny but the lack of any real story makes it entirely unmemorable – you’ll laugh, you just won’t remember why.


If ever there was a movie headed for cult-dom, this is it.  Essentially it’s about four different people and their separate stories (one of them in a separate dimension!) and how they inter-link.  It looks fantastic being beautifully shot and designed.  The problem is that the dialogue is bland with every character talking in clichés.  It’s as if the characters only act and speak as a means of reaching the denouement making the majority of the film a rather dry, emotionless experience.  Having said that I can definetly see this film having a long shelf life if it finds it’s audience.  Two of the main characters are artists (who just happen to be played by the two most attractive actors in the cast), the mildly pretentious storyline and appearance of this film will have endless appeal for the arty crowd.  OK, I sound a bit snide but ultimately I enjoyed it despite it’s flaws and I reckon the director, Gerald McMorrow, is worth keeping an eye on.

The Mummy: The Tomb of the Chinese Mummies who aren’t mummies

Yeah, I know: the third Mummy film, what was a I thinking?  I thought the last two were dumb fun, but fun nonetheless so this third installment might pass a couple of hours enjoyably enough.  My expectations weren’t high.  It slavishly imitates Indiana Jones and falls short.  It slavishly imitates the previous Mummy films which imitate Indiana Jones and falls short.

Ultimately it’s an entirely predictable romp with the only highlights being a couple of quirky little moments.  The live cast were largely upstaged by an animatronic yak and some CGI yetis.  Yes, yetis.

I imagine you had no plans to watch this film – I won’t try to change your mind.

Burn After Reading

Every Coen Brothers movie I’ve seen seems to be about a plan going wrong (maybe with the exception of Barton Fink – and even that’s debatable).  This is basically about a whole chain of events that gets ridiculously out of hand.  I’d explain where it all starts but to be honest that’d make it seem rather dull.  The joy of this film is watching these loathsome characters get deeper into the shit in a bizarre karmic loop.  What can I say, it’s the Coen Brothers – if you’ve liked their previous films then you should see this.


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