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The Sonics, The Horrors & Pete Doherty

March 24, 2008

Well this weekend we found ourselves at a loose end so I managed to find last minute tickets for the legendary Sonics.  Wow!

Firstly the compere (why do they have comperes at gigs?) came out and informed us that, sadly, Pete Doherty would not be appearing tonight.  The audience let out a huge cheer.  We laughed in relief that the talentless troll wouldn’t be there.  Anyway, the DJ was playing some great 60s tunes so we were quite happy to hear that instead.

Eventually The Horrors strolled out on stage.  They’re so thin I imagine that when they’re on tour they post themselves from one venue to the next.  They make an incredible noise, and constantly threaten to fall apart without ever quite losing it.  I saw them over a year and a half ago and I think they’ve got better – although they are quite exhausting to watch.

One of the more disturbing things while watching the band was there was a chap in a flat cap standing next to us who was constantly farting.  It was eye watering.

The Sonics took a little while to start their set – probably due to some minor technical issues that continued through the set.  It has to be said, while the sound is nowhere near as raw as their sixties heyday, they still rocked.  A few tunes sounded a bit too comfortable, a bit too, umm, Butlins and yet they could still do a tremendous Louie Louie.  And if you can make that old warhorse sound fresh then you must have something special.

As always, someone has posted clips to YouTube.  They’re actually pretty good quality.