November 8, 2006

I was reading The Times while I was waiting in the opticians and this sidebar tickled me.  OK, it’s too blurry to read here (the irony!) but it says this:

  • Jonathan King coined the band’s name after talent-spotting Peter Gabriel and Tony Banks
  • Phil Collins joined in 1970; Gabriel left in 1975
  • Gabriel went on to launch Greenpeace in the Soviet Union, work on Nelson Mandela concerts and Amnesty tours and establish Womad
  • Phil Collins performed on Top of the Pops next to a tin of paint after his wife ran off with a decorator

In other words Peter Gabriel went on to save the world while Phil Collins performed on TV with a paint pot.  It seems even The Times thinks Phil is a bit of a twat.


One Response to “Genesis”

  1. Forgive me for saying so, but Phil Collins is a twat.

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