October 31, 2006

About last night: What better way to spend Halloween night than watching comedy monsters Lordi,  You remember them right?  The guys who won Eurovision?

Before that though was support band Turisas.  These mad Finns dressed like vikings having a wardrobe malfunction and played a kind of heavy metal drinking music.  They call it battle metal which has to be one of the stupidest subgenres to emerge in recent memory.  They were good fun and proved that the only thing better than an accordion is two accordions.

As you can clearly see in the photo above, Lordi have a rather elaborate stage setup.  They also have a very drawn out intro – three minutes of a terrible song on tape followed by lots of ominous bell ringing, a talky intro tape and then finally a band.  Who was it again?  Oh yes, Lordi.  I’d nearly forgotten.

The stage show is elaborate, with ear splitting pyrotechnics and wacky things constantly happening on stage.  In fact there’s no escaping the fireworks.  After ten minutes the whole place stank like a swimming pool, after half an hour we were all watching the gig through a thick fog.

Having said that, their whole show is very funny and clearly hugely popular with the whole audience.  If you like your rock music half way between Alice Cooper and Rob Zombie (with a big slice of cheese) you should go and see them


4 Responses to “Lordi”

  1. taz Says:

    Gee dodgy, you've been awfully point-and-grunt lately. No pretty words to share with your fans?So, Lordi. They were here, you know, for the whatzitcalled… um – Eurovision, yeah. Anyway, a couple of years ago a musician friend of ours had met another musician who was visiting here, and our friend invited him to jam with his group. Then the guy drops by to see him again, around Eurovision time, and our friend asks him if he is in the country to see the show, and the guy tells him that he's in the show – one of the musicians with Lordi. heh.

  2. dodgygeezer Says:

    Yeah, i've been rubbish lately. But hey, you can do the six degrees thing with Lordi. That's pretty cool in my book.

  3. dodgygeezer Says:

    and now this has fallen off my front page. wtf?

  4. taz Says:

    Yeah, what happened here?

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