The Damned

October 28, 2006

About last night: OK, so I’m so late with this update it’s ridiculous but anyhoo.

This was a punk all-dayer and somehow we managed to miss half the bands even though we only turned up two hours after doors opening.

We caught the end of the Anti-Nowhere League (it was a shame we missed them, they’re entertaining).  We then saw the Angelic Upstarts who looked like the five ages of Ray Winstone.  Can’t say I enjoyed them much.

Next up was Sham 69 who were very good.  Sadly they did a song about 9/11 that made my brain itch but otherwise a good effort.

Finally The Damned.  They often tailor their shows to the audience and sure enough it was a punkier set.  There was very little on-stage banter, which is unusual for them (Monty the keyboard player didn’t even winge about having drinks thrown at him).

Other than the bands I think it’s fair to say that the venue was cramped, the audience (while not aggressive) were a pain in the arse and getting drinks was a bit of a nightmare.  Yep, The Sheperds Bush Empire is not my favorite venue.

Does this post seem a little rushed?


One Response to “The Damned”

  1. jean Says:

    Alright! You posted a cameraphone picture of a concert!

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