Market Research

October 12, 2006

So a month or so ago I got a call at work.  It was one of these interminable market research calls where they ask about 8 million questions about who I am, what I do, what my company does, what they buy, who buys it, who they buy it from, how much they spend, etc.

And they don’t ask these questions once, oh no.  They will ask the same question but in different formations again and again.  And don’t bother asking how long it’ll take to do their survey because they always lie knowing full well that no one would agree to the Spanish Inquisition if they knew it involoved a comfy chair and cusions.

So yeah, I got one of those calls and this was particularly painful.  The guy was calling from France (presumably the Indian call centres had too much work that week) on a bad line.  I was sometimes struggling to understand him and he kept getting cut off and ringing me back.  I only kept going with this whole fiasco because I was having a bad day and this would made me look busy without actually having to do any work.

I get to the end of the inquisition and he tells me, for the first time in this entire call, that having answered all these questions I am now entitled to a cheque for fifty euros.  I really wasn’t that bothered and asked if maybe he’d prefer to give it to charity but apparently they’re not allowed to do that.  Hmm, well I suppose if they’re going to give away free money I shouldn’t object too much….

Anyway I’d completely forgotten about all of this until this morning when I received a letter.  And that letter had a cheque attached to it.  And it is indeed for the princely sum of fifty euros.


Unfortunately he spelt my name so badly I can’t cash it.



3 Responses to “Market Research”

  1. My bet is they misspelled so you couldn't cash it!

  2. Wow, fifty euros ain't half bad for that – I usually give my opinion just for the opportunity to bloviate to a captive audience. Although most researchers don't want me if I say I am in marketing – which is probably the main reason I want to participate in the first place. Did you try just signing it and sticking it into an ATM deposit envelope with a few other checks? It might just get through. I have had some clients mangle my name pretty badly.

  3. David Says:

    Bunny, you´re absolutely right.

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