Wednesday 13

October 5, 2006

What’s all this then? Well, as you can see in the comments in this post from halonine I had a cunning plan to post photos live from gigs that I go to.  This plan didn’t go entirely to plan last night because The Mean Fiddler is in a basement and so there was zero signal there.  I sent this as soon as I got outside.  Anyway, I thought it might be cool to add a little more about the gig itself.

About last night: The evening started with the usual irritations.  After getting into the lift at the tube station and waiting for the doors to close and begin the descent, a wanker holding a beer can got in just as the doors were closing and held them open.  He let his friend in who then blocked the doors again to let yet more wankers in (all with beer cans).  Wanker number one then says “I wonder if Pete Doherty will actually show tonight?” to which wanker number two retorts “I just want to get smashed.”  Oooohh Tarquin, you’re such a rebel!  So much so that you get your thrills vicariously through a sad-sack junkie who lives in a hovel.


Anyway, the gig.  I have no idea who the support band were, they were just the usual rabble who turns up and trundles through one inane song after another.  This gave me and Lady Geezer of Dodgenshire the opportunity to ponder the unponderable: questions like “Does Shane McGowan brush his tooth?”

When Wednesday 13 rocked up we installed ourselves behind the mixing desk.  The lines you can see in the above photo are the cage surrounding the desk.  Also the desk is like some kind of Buck Rogers affair with LCD panels and more lights than a mobile disco.

This is about the third time I’ve seen Mr 13 and I think this was his least interesting performance out of those.  Don’t get me wrong, it was fun but they didn’t seem to be going through the motions.  Strangely enough this was probably the fullest show he’s done at this venue so clearly he’s becoming more popular in this corner of the world.  Good for him, he does this shit better than most.


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